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Wilcoxson Manufacturing is a versatile company that specializes in brake press bending, laser cutting, and sheet metal fabrication.

As a one-stop shop, we offer comprehensive services to meet various manufacturing needs. Our extensive capabilities and commitment to quality make us a reliable choice.

Brake Press Bending: Wilcoxson Manufacturing has expertise in brake press bending, which involves shaping sheet metal using a hydraulic or mechanical press brake. They can accurately form metal into different angles and shapes, ensuring precise results for various applications.


Laser Cutting: With their laser cutting capabilities, Wilcoxson Manufacturing can cut through various materials with high precision and speed. Laser cutting allows for intricate designs and complex shapes, providing flexibility and accuracy in the manufacturing process.


Sheet Metal Fabrication: Wilcoxson Manufacturing excels in sheet metal fabrication, offering a range of services such as welding, punching, shearing, and assembly. They can transform raw materials into finished products or components, catering to specific customer requirements.

Powder Coat/Wet Spray Paint and Plating: Wilcoxson Manufacturing has established long-standing relationships with vendors specializing in powder coat/wet spray paint and plating. This enables them to provide additional services and finishes to enhance the appearance and durability of their products.


Scalability: Wilcoxson Manufacturing is equipped to handle growing demands. They have the capability to expand their operations, ensuring that they can accommodate increased production requirements without compromising on quality or delivery timelines.


Stringent Quality Program: The company has implemented a stringent quality program to ensure that their products meet or exceed industry standards. All materials used in their processes have traceability, allowing for quality control and accountability. Every operation is inspected and signed off to maintain consistency and adherence to specifications.

ERP Software: Wilcoxson Manufacturing utilizes ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software on every job. This software helps streamline and integrate various aspects of their operations, including inventory management, production scheduling, and order tracking. This ensures efficient execution of projects and enables effective communication with customers.

Wilcoxson Manufacturing Machine Specifications

3000 watt Fiber Laser

Maximum Cutting Area 118.1” x 59.1” (3m x 1.5m)

Material Type Minimum Thickness Maximum Thickness
Aluminum .010″ .125″
Cold Rolled Steel .010 .375
CorTen Steel .010 .375
Stainless Steel .010 .250

Turret Punch Press

Amada CNC Turret, Pega 244, 20 ton, 24 station turret

Stainless Steel.024″.074″

Material Type Minimum Thickness Maximum Thickness
Aluminum .024″ .125″
 Steel .024′ .125″

150w C02 Laser


  • Cutting
  • Marking
  • Etching
  • Engraving
  • Flatbed and Rotary Chuck


  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Acrylic 
  • Leather & Organic Material

Maximum Material Dimensions

  • 48′′ x 36′′

 Brake Press & Bending

Amada Press Brake

  • HDS 1303NT 143 ton, 127″ bend length
  • RG-80, 80 ton, 72” long
  • RG-25, 25 ton, 36” long
  • Assorted tooling to complete most bending scenarios

    Additional Capabilities


    Fiber Laser Marking

    Marking Surface Area: 12′′ x 10′′
    Applications: part info, readable alpha-numerics, barcodes, graphics, or
    data-matrixTM, serial numbers, corporate logos, etc.










    Press fit hardware (PEM)

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